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Active Steering

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Active Front Steering

Steering Angle Assist System with variable Steering Ratio.

The system is fully integrated into the steering wheel and can actively control the steering ratio depending on vehicle speed and driving situations. Vehicle dynamics, active stabilization during critical maneuvers as well as trailer towing capacity can be improved for electric and hydraulic power steering systems. Autonomous driving level 3 and 4 and Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS) such as lane assist, side wind compensation, haptic lane change warning, self-parking support and personalization modes are supported. Due to the market unique patented integration our compact design is benchmark in package and weight.

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Stationary Steering Wheel

The design principle of the active front steering could be used as a stationary steering wheel which enables a reduction or full elimination of the steering wheel rotation during autonomous driving modes and for automated park assists.

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Force Feedback Actuator for Steer by Wire Systems

Integrating steer-by-wire systems with autonomous driving.

Joyson Safety Systems developed a force feedback actuator based on the proven mass production design of the active front steering system. The unique integration into the steering wheel establishes a new industry benchmark for packaging and component weight. Our solution makes the steering column obsolete and thus enables cutting edge interior concepts with foldable or moveable steering wheels.

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Steering Angle Sensors

A variety of design options.

High precision steering wheel angle sensors for vehicle dynamics control. Designed to the highest safety level ASIL D as fail-safe or fail-operational stand-alone design or integrated solution.

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Clock Springs & Clock Spring Modules

More than 50 years’ experience with production volume of 70 million units.

Clock springs connecting vehicle signals to the rotating steering wheel like airbags, horns, switches and bus (CAN / LIN). Our market unique high-power version supports up to 20 A continuous current, optionally integrated as clock spring modules with axial or radial steering angle sensors. These designs are used in various passenger car and truck applications.

Steering Wheels

Product Portfolio

Key Design and Technology Feature.

The steering wheel is not only a central visual element, and thus a key design feature of the vehicle interior, but also is a significant safety, functionality, comfort, visual and driving enjoyment component.

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