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Joyson Safety Systems is an industry leader in seatbelt technology. Our product portfolio includes emergency locking retractors, pyrotechnic and electric pretensioners, energy management systems, anchor pretensioners and shockproof buckles.

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The Retractor — 
Core Feature for Advanced Safety


Emergency locking retractor –
ensures safe positioning in cases of emergency.

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Retractor with
Load Limiter

Controlled restraint performance –
with minimum chest compression.

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Retractor with Pyrotechnic Pretensioner

Reduction of webbing slack –
an essential factor for an efficient restraint system.

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The reversible pretensioner –
multiple functions for maximum safety and comfort.

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Our Approach:
Comfortable Safety at its Best

What you should know...

Seatbelts are the primary safety restraint in the event of a crash. For optimal performance, the devices must be worn properly by the occupant. For this reason, Joyson Safety Systems focuses on both restraint performance and seatbelt ergonomics. We carefully research materials, like coatings and weavings, to ensure a relaxed feel and flexibility. Vertical product integration helps guarantee we maintain proper control of each material to reach our goal of making seatbelts which are both comfortable to wear and fully supportive.


Seatbelt Systems — Lap Pretensioner 01


The lap pretensioner supports the pretensioning of the seatbelt in the pelvis area, to reduce the risk of submarining.

Seatbelt Systems — Lap Pretensioner 02


The device can be mounted into the seat, under the trim or along the sill board due to the slim design.

Seatbelt Systems — Lap Pretensioner 03


The lap belt pretensioner operates in conjunction with a retractor pretensioner. The performance can be adjusted to the requirements of the restraint system.

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Discreet Design,
Maximum Safety —
The Buckle

Seatbelt Systems — Buckle 01


The seatbelt is one of the most important safety devices in the car. Our buckle provides an easy entry of the tongue for a high acceptance in the daily use. Optical reminder especially for the rear passengers to fasten the seatbelt.

Seatbelt Systems — Buckle 02


In the event of a crash, the buckle has to withstand a high amount of force to keep the occupant in the seat. A switch in the buckle provides a warning function to the driver in case passengers are not buckled.

Seatbelt Systems — Buckle 03


The button design allows for illumination of the logo with a light source mounted on the interior of the component.

The illumination of the press button supports buckling in dark conditions. It is an added design feature of the interior and works in tandem with ambient illumination in the vehicle.


Seatbelt Systems — Belt Presenter 01


In two-door vehicles, the seat belt is located far behind the seat. The latch is presented to the occupant after closing the door.

Seatbelt Systems — Belt Presenter 02


A discreet and smart reminder to fasten your seatbelt.

Modular system for individual adaptation to the vehicle interior.

Seatbelt Systems — Belt Presenter 03


Improved comfort and handling for coupes and convertible cars.

An individual integration to respect ergonomic and design requirements.


We design and manufacture modular products that provide global solutions while fulfilling regulatory and industry requirements. Standard devices can be converted into more specialized modules which grant further functionality in accordance with the needs of our customers and, more importantly, the end users. Motorized belt tensioning, haptic warning systems, smart force load limiting, belt tension measurement and additional comfort features are just a few examples of add-on technologies currently available.

Fasten your seatbelt, please.

»As the automotive industry transitions to autonomous and electric vehicles, Joyson Safety Systems is committed to continuously developing new safety technologies to maintain the highest level of occupant protection. Safety is our goal.«

Sam Xie

Vice President Product Line Seatbelts