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Vision & Radar Systems

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Driver Monitoring Systems

An automotive PACE award winning and market leading facial tracking technology with proven robust design and performance in mass production since 2017. Driver monitoring systems use state of art infrared based camera sensing utilizing safely controlled artificial intelligence to determine driver attention while in control of the vehicle during manual and autonomous driving. Driver monitoring systems offer a wide range of safety, security, comfort and convenience features to advance the safety and user experience of present and future vehicle mobility.

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Integrated Safety Solutions — Vision & Radar Systems 02

Occupant Monitoring Systems

As vehicle automation increases it becomes critically important that the vehicle is equipped to assume the role of the driver, when it comes to the interior safety of its occupants. We fuse a range of state-of-the-art Joyson Safety Systems interior sensors with intelligent decision-making, based on a long history of occupant modeling, occupant classification and study of kinematic behavior. The Joyson Safety Systems occupant monitoring systems suite of systems can adaptively enhance the safety of the occupants by adjusting the safety systems performance, based off multiple factors.

The active monitoring system can provide critical alert functions in the event that a child, pet or unwanted object is mistakenly left behind. Multiple additive comfort and convenience capabilities are also made possible through extended functional options.

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