Steering Wheel

In Touch — Haptic

Joyson Safety Systems uses polyurethane in the production of its steering wheel base for optimal feel and comfort. At Joyson Safety Systems we also care about our environment and we produce steering wheels with water-based low-emission foam. It features superior ease of processing, for a variety of scratch resistant desirably textured surfaces.

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Foam Surface

As base technology we offer foamed steering wheels with different kinds of natural or technology based textures. Each foamed steering wheel can be colorized to individualize steering wheels for our customers.

Steering Wheel — In Touch Haptic 02


Many different types of decoration and leather designs are possible. This also includes several combinations of leather texture surfaces that can be matched with harder grip behavior or a more soft haptic.

Steering Wheel — In Touch Haptic 03

High Class Rim Surfaces

We offer all variants up to high class real wood or metal solutions, for partial or full rim coverage. Real (carbon) fiber materials and also coated decorative parts with cool touch effects can create a unique high value.

Steering Wheel — In Touch Haptic 04

Vegan Rim Wrap

We offer several kinds of leather surfaces as well as an alternative, out of vegan material to wrap the steering wheel rim, with a high-class look and feel.

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