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Next generation technologies are the guiding focus of our engineering team. We do this through combining technological expertise, innovative thinking and close partnership with our customers and suppliers. We specialize in products for both active and passive safety systems that are the key to providing our customers with solutions for reliable occupant protection.

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The key design feature —
form and function at their best.

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Lifesaving technology —
airbag systems protect.

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Seatbelts —
the number one lifesaver.

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Safety Solutions

Integrated Safety Solutions —
where new, cutting-edge technologies come to life.

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Safety Innovations

The time is always now

Innovations are Investments in the Future

Joyson Safety Systems has always been an innovation-driven company that develops outstanding safety products based on its own research and development efforts, investing in the future in a targeted way.

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To reduce the possibility of harm to passengers, we understand various accident configurations and innovatively think about the best systems to protect them. Joyson Safety Systems conducts analyses from many perspectives, including looking into the causes of accidents, the seriousness of injuries as a result of a collision and other related topics, to develop systems that protect people.

Maximum Protection

Research & Development

Our highly qualified engineers worldwide develop innovative products with creativity and passion. The latest computer-aided construction and development systems as well as advanced sled and crash test facilities help us in achieving our goal: applying innovation as the benchmark for safety in the vehicles of tomorrow.

Computer Simulations

Restraint Systems Development

When seconds are decisive, you have to calculate in milliseconds. Committing to safety in modern vehicles means ensuring that every component, such as the airbag, belt and seat, provides the maximum protective effect during a crash.
This is achieved by carefully coordinating all components with the individual vehicle’s characteristics.
Joyson Safety Systems uses testing processes which employ the latest computer simulations to ensure optimum coordination between all restraint systems. The result is vital milliseconds in achieving optimal safety. This is progress that can save lives.

Total Safety Systems

Restraint Systems Development

There are many crash configurations in automobile accidents.
These include head-on, rear-end, side impact and rollover accidents. These configurations also need to account for accidents that occur at both low and high speeds. Accidents can also include collisions involving pedestrians, bicycles, and motorcycles or any other object found on or alongside the road.

Joyson Safety Systems also develops systems that help address dangerous driving situations by minimizing fatigue and making driving more pleasant and convenient. By developing sensors that look outside the vehicle, these systems can warn the driver in advance of potentially dangerous situations.

In the event of an accident, Joyson Safety Systems has also developed systems which detect the magnitude of the collision and provide information on the condition of the passengers that can be useful to rescuers.

Joyson Safety Systems also looks beyond the protection of occupants and has developed systems that can protect motorcyclists, bicycle riders and pedestrians. Looking to the future, as traffic conditions become increasingly complex, Joyson Safety Systems pursues the development of total safety systems to enhance safety in all types of situations involving automobiles.