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Steering Wheel Sensing

Driving assistance and automated driving systems require more precise collaboration between the driver and the car. The steering wheel and the integrated possibilities of functional recognition are an integral part of enabling innovative automated driving concepts. For example hands on detection already supports the required functions to fulfil the regulations for autonomous driving, e.g. functions such as lane-keeping assistance systems.

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HOD / Hands on Detection

Based on the support for regulations for automated driving and added functionality, Joyson Safety Systems offers several sensing options at the steering wheel. We have several hands-on wheel detection options. This system is a capacitive based system to detect touch and grip of the drivers hands around the steering wheel rim. The capacitive sensor layer is placed under a foam or leather layer. The system based on a mat and an ECU which offers all of the functional safety features required and the highly integrated development ensures the best quality for steering wheel integration.

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In addition, Joyson Safety Systems looks into the future and is working on other multi sensing options. We have also developed a vital sign steering wheel concept. This enables the steering wheel together with Joyson Safety Systems' other sensing systems, like the driver state monitoring, to be a key driver state sensing feature that assesses driver workload and state by use of electrocardiogram (ECG) measurement. Next generation models will include electrodermal activity (EDA) sensing. The sensors on the rim can be combined with hands on wheel detection.

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