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Far Side Airbag

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Expanded Safety Requirements

The classic side airbag protects vehicle occupants during an impact on the vehicle's side. The far side airbag offers additional protection for impacts on the occupant's adjacent side, in "far side" accidents. It additionally protects the occupants in one seating row from becoming injured due to occupant-to-occupant interaction. These brand new restraint concepts are able to address approximately a third of all side impact related serious injuries.

Airbag Systems — Far Side Airbag 02

First Come, First Serve

Joyson Safety Systems was the first supplier for this technology in mass production since 2013. In 2020 Euro NCAP includes far side into their safety ratings, Korean NCAP, China NCAP and more are expected to follow. Joyson Safety Systems is able to offer customer-specific, package optimized solutions in order to reach maximum scores for these ratings based on more than 15 years of research, now in serial production for various customers globally.

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CLEPA Innovation Award

The CLEPA Innovation Awards competition, organized in cooperation with Deloitte, celebrates outstanding achievements in the European automotive supply industry in the fields of environment, safety, connectivity and automation, and cooperation. In 2019, Joyson Safety Systems won in the safety category with its far side airbag.

Far Side

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