Steering Wheel

Functional Performance

Form and function in perfect harmony – the fundamentals of Joyson Safety Systems steering wheels.

We are manufacturing steering wheels from die-casted magnesium or alloyed steel frames, foamed with urethane foam, leather wrapped, and finally assembled with high vertical integration and cross functional know how.

Multifunctional switches and decorative parts such as wood elements or carbon fiber parts are manufactured at Joyson Safety Systems and individualize each steering wheel. Advanced functions like steering wheel heating, hands on detection, light elements on the steering wheel rim and vital sign sensing can be combined with any surface material and enable future automated vehicles.
Joyson Safety Systems offers a wide range of steering wheel, with high end solutions and total individualization to our customers.

Steering Wheel — Functional Performance 01

CAE Simulation

Many features and technologies are combined in modern multi-functional steering wheels.

The core of the wheel is the structural frame. Here we develop with the newest CAE simulation methods to offer best performance and weight options. Simulation methods involve topology optimization to ensure the best performance in the given space, finally reviewed with all experts along the process to have best in class designs.

Steering Wheel — Functional Performance 02

Modul Damper

Modern steering wheel assemblies also include special system related features like airbag or steering wheel integrated module damper solutions, that can be adapted to car lines and special requirements.

Steering Wheel — Functional Performance 03


Heated steering wheels are very common and we offer several solutions to fulfil our customer specifications and expectations, from standard solutions to customized design and technology options.

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