Integrated Safety Solutions

Advanced Sensors & Mechatronics

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Occupant Classification Sensors

Integrated foam sensor (IFS) is an occupant classification system that is designed to fulfill “partial” low risk deployment (i.e. 1YO suppression). Integrated foam sensor multi-zone (IFS-M) is an occupant classification system designed to fulfill “FULL” suppression (i.e. 1YO/3YO/6YO suppression). IFS and IFS-M are integrated beneath the seat foam making both systems robust against misuse and liquids as well as providing a high level of durability.

Integrated Safety Solutions — Advanced Sensors & Mechatronics 02

3D Sensing

3D sensing is a force sensing technology designed to enhance occupant engagement with vehicle systems. It provides unique tactile and audible feedback to the occupant upon system activation and deactivation. Microns of activation displacement enables thin packaging and seamless switch surfaces developed to address gapless and transparent switching / sensing design direction for vehicle interiors. Software adjustability of switch activation / deactivation thresholds and switch feedback enable the reusability of this technology.

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Gas Sensing

Detects, classifies and quantifies volatile organic compounds (VOC) in the vehicle cabin using a multispectral sensor system. Sensor functions include air quality assessment, un-safe or un-pleasant odors and eventually occupant health and wellness. Integration with Joyson Safety Systems occupant monitoring system provides the ability to correlate changes to occupancy conditions and safety apply countermeasures.

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