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As the steering wheel is the handshake of the car to the driver, multifunctional steering wheels include switches for controlling infotainment and advanced driver assistance systems. Joyson Safety Systems is not only using switches from a variety of suppliers, but as part of the Joyson Electronics Group we are able to provide our customers with latest switch technology including force based touch control and active haptics which also serve as visual feedback systems.

These technologies follow our vision of mobility safety as driver distraction can be reduced.

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Light elements integrated in the steering wheel rim can support frontal collision warnings, indicate autonomous driving modes or warn when hands have been removed from the steering wheel. Especially but not limited to be located at the 12 o'clock position of the steering wheel rim the light element is in the peripheral view of the driver and can significantly reduce reaction times. Therefore the system is directly influencing safety.

Joyson Safety System is able to integrate a variety of different technologies and designs in the steering wheel rim supporting any driver assistance or automation function.

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Ambient Illumination

Ambient lighting features support the interior of modern cars in many ways. The steering wheel can provide several solutions for comfort, individualization and branding.

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