Steering Wheel

Individual Style

To provide various design accents, decorative parts can be attached in various colors and materials. These range from high quality painted plastic components to wood, chrome, alloyed steel and carbon fiber. Even when using these luxury materials, Joyson Safety Systems has the sophisticated design skills and production capabilities for a seamless integration.

Steering Wheel — Individual Style 01

Bezel / Decoratives Parts

High variance of options to combine several trim surface structures and colors ensures seamless integration of all kinds of interior designs, also ready for the future as the car interior becomes the third living space.

Steering Wheel — Individual Style 02

Special Features

Special features with natural materials like real glass emblems or real metal parts can also be integrated with the highest safety standards.

Steering Wheel — Individual Style 03

Rim Design

Joyson Safety Systems offers a large variety of shape options for steering wheel rims that can be fitted to different kinds of sport and comfort steering wheel types.

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