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Inflators are the "engine“ of our airbag systems. Within an blink of an eye gas for airbags with a volume between 8 and 160 ltr of volume needs to be supplied. Joyson Safety Systems develops and manufactures pyrotechnic, stored gas and hybrid inflators to cover all airbag applications.

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Pyrotechnic Inflators

Pyrotechnic inflators generate gas by combustion of a propellant. In case of an accident, the gas generation process is triggered by an electric signal to the initiator, subseqently igniting the propellant. Pyrotechnic inflators are widely used while providing a small size and low weight.

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Stored Gas Inflators

Stored gas inflators release gas stored under high pressure in a vessel. Stored gas inflators provide a cool gas and are mainly used for head side airbags.

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Hybrid Inflators

Hybrid inflators generate gas by a combustion of a propellant and releasing gas stored in a pressure vessel combining both technologies, pyrotechnic and stored gas inflators. Hybrid inflators are mainly used for passenger and head side airbags.

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Initiators trigger an inflator in case of an accident after receiving an electric signal from the ACU (Airbag Control Unit) and converting it into the needed type of energy (e.g. heat, pressure, etc.).

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Propellants are chemical formulations that generate gas by combustion. This combustion is triggered by the initiator and provides the gas to fill an airbag. These high gas-yield pyrotechnic materials are used in pyrotechnic and hybrid inflators.

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Production Processes

Highly automated processes are used to produce initiators, propellants and inflators providing a stable, repeatable and high quality level.


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