Standard Retractor

Seatbelts — Standard Retractor 01

Basic Function

Our Emergency Locking Retractors (ELR) lock in response to the rapid deceleration of a vehicle or rapid extraction of the seatbelt webbing. The ELR allows the seatbelt webbing to move freely once the seatbelt is in place but locks the webbing instantly in the event of a crash.

Seatbelts — Standard Retractor 02


Sensitivity of our ELR locking mechanism is balanced to assure full restraint during a collision, without including nuisance locks during normal driving conditions.

Seatbelts — Standard Retractor 03


Our diverse vehicle sensor portfolio allows ELR installation in any vehicle and mounting angle.

Various child seat restraint mechanisms (ALR) are also available as required to meet all federal or customer needs.

Move Freely.
Instant Locking.
Full Comfort.

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