Safety Innovations


At Joyson Safety Systems, we work in a interdisciplinary and multinational research team to develop the next generation of our products – within our portfolio and beyond. We cooperate with OEMs, universities and end-users to include a broad perspective on tomorrow’s products – for the next generation of safe and sustainable mobility.


Automated driving creates new requirements – we're ahead of the curve.

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Driving the future means a new state of the art interaction with your vehicle.

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for New

The future requires new interior designs and seating devices.

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Human Factors
and User
Experience (HMI)

We focus on the needs of our customers and their users.

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Monitoring System

Distraction, stress and fatigue are increasingly common in our daily commutes and family travel. We want to alleviate these and support you – in the most comfortable and safe way possible. During automated driving, the vehicle should be informed about the driver’s state or health condition; among other reasons, in order to perform the safest handover possible.

Occupant Monitoring System 01

Occupant Protection Devices

We protect what is most important to you, even when it’s not in your focus.

With our occupant monitoring system, we aim to detect when a person is left behind in the vehicle. Tied to the connectivity system of the car, one or more reminders may be issued, depending on the situation.

Occupant Monitoring System 02

Health Monitoring

We investigate different systems and products to detect a driver’s or other occupant’s (e.g. in a level 4/5 robotaxi) health state because we want to keep you safe when your body starts to show symptoms of stress and fatigue- in an efficient and effective way.

Occupant Monitoring System 03

Occupant Positioning and Seat Belt Use

When we know an occupant’s position and if they are wearing a seatbelt properly, we can adapt our passive safety systems directly to the specific case. With this optimized protection, required warnings can be issued and effective countermeasures taken.

New Control

With new trends in the automotive industry like automated driving and electrification, new human interaction possibilities and options emerge. We want to deliver the optimal user experience for you - whether you are driving or not. New control devices aided by steer-by-wire technology meticulously tested usability in the car, support this.

New Control Devices 01

Automation and Takeover Scenarios

Our systems can work together seamlessly – multimodal warning devices around you use the best channel to let you know what to do. In the future of automated driving, this is especially useful to get the driver back into a ready situation as fast as possible- for safe handovers between the driver and the car.

New Control Devices 02

Interaction Surfaces

Our products are often in direct touch with the driver, as the steering wheel, or with all occupants, as our seatbelts are. With automated driving, we can use these products to enhance the user experience of everyone in the vehicle through function enhancement and adaptation to the specific needs of the individual user.

Restraints for
New Interiors

The interior of our cars will change dramatically with automated driving. New interior designs and new seating devices with emerging degrees of freedom call for new passive or active safety concepts.

Restraints for New Interiors 01

Embrace Bag

For autonomous cars with flexible interior seating, we are able to provide optimal safety with individual restraint solutions. The embrace bag concept allows flexible seating through two inflated bags which connect to each other dynamically through an adhesive surface. These two cushions embrace the head and upper body, protecting the passenger when needed most - while allowing for a greater degree of freedom at the same time.

Restraints for New Interiors 02

Restraints for New Occupant Positions

With the development of autonomous driving, drivers are increasingly released from the driving task and given the opportunity to engage in a secondary task, relax or even sleep. While in the relaxed and sleeping positions the occupant is at higher risk of injuries. We study new concepts in order to protect you and your passengers for these situations.

Restraints for New Interiors 03

Alternative Occupant Energy Absorption

We investigate how and why occupants are injured in mobility accidents and whether different types of protections are more efficient in automated driving than current airbag systems.

Human Factors
and User Experience

Most of our products interact directly with your daily journey. The seatbelt touches your shoulder at all times, and when driving, the steering wheel is in one or both of your hands. With all the new possibilities of automated driving and new technologies, the fundamental question remains: will this lead to safer behavior and ultimately, to saving lives? To assess this question, we conduct extensive user testing through our research and core processes.

We focus on the needs of our customers and their users – and tailor our products to them.

A selection of projects we support:

Steering Device

Today for tomorrow – we control mobility for tomorrow.

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Joyson Safety Systems looks into the future and is working on other multisensing options.

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Light elements integrated in the steering wheel rim can support frontal collision warnings.

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Ambient lighting features support the interior of modern cars in many ways.

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Motorized Seatbelt

The reversible pretensioner –
multiple functions for maximum safety and comfort.

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Thinking ahead: next step occupants safety solutions for autonomous driving.

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Our goal is to introduce safety innovations that help to reduce or even avoid accidents for mobility consumers, and provide our OEM customers competitive safety solutions that exceed regulatory standards. We represent a network of experienced and diverse global researchers working as one Joyson team towards this goal, using evolving trends in society, technology, materials and legislation as a guide for the new safety products we pursue.

The future remains exciting.

»Our global team is inspired and driven to identify, develop and realize new and better ways to protect and enhance human life, in an ever changing and increasingly mobile world.«

Len Cech

Executive Director Safety Innovations