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The Future of Mobility Safety
requires Innovation.

The idea

As advanced vehicle infotainment and assisted driving systems become more common and prevalent, the ability for drivers to quickly and easily activate and de-activate smart functions, keep their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road and remain undistracted grows in importance.

Until now, most new vehicle functions had to be engaged from the center console due to limited steering wheel space, requiring drivers to remove their hands from the wheel to activate. To resolve this and improve vehicle safety, Joyson Safety Systems (JSS) developed the 3D Switch®, a one of a kind digital force sensing steering wheel switch designed to improve driver engagement with and control of the vehicle.

»The 3D Switch® is a revolutionary technology that reshapes the way consumers will interface with their vehicle.«

Erick Staszak, Joyson Safety Systems

A revolutionary concept for your design

The 3D Switch® provides both haptic and audio feedback to the driver without requiring surface movement. This allows the driver to locate the desired button by feel, activate deliberately through the application of force and receive feedback when the desired system has been activated or de-activated. All of this happens without taking the driver’s hands off the wheel or eyes off the road, thus reducing driver distraction.

The 3D Switch® is adaptable to other vehicle controls and uses, featuring a high level of design freedom and customization with a modern design interface. Haptic feedback strength, time base and profile can all be customized on the 3D Switch®.

The unique size and shape requirements enable first of its kind steering wheel designs. Because no surface movement is required, automakers incorporating the 3D Switch® in their vehicle designs are free to use unique surface materials like metal, glass, wood or leather, without the need for button gaps.

One team. One goal.

Six members of the JSS team were behind the creation of the 3D Switch®, which began in 2010. Jason Lisseman, David Andrews, Jason Peters, Erick Staszak, Filippo Leone and Nick Borgerding worked tirelessly to design, engineer, test and develop the product. The 3D Switch® team is passionate about their work and they were honored to be a 2020 Automotive New PACE Award Finalist, noting that it is one of the greatest honors in the automotive industry and that it was gratifying to have their years of hard work recognized.

»Being a PACE Award finalist is tremendous, it’s recognition of the hard work and determination of a small group of talented individuals who all believe in this product.«
Nick Borgerding, JSS

The team’s history with JSS varies: some have been with the company nearly two decades, some only a few years, but their enthusiasm for JSS is the same.

»It’s a great thing to be able to chase a dream, to work on something you are passionate about. Working at JSS, I was not only allowed to chase that dream but I was encouraged to chase it. It was a privilege to work on 3D Switch® for the last decade. Despite all the challenges presented, JSS management never stopped supporting this dream.«
David Andrews, JSS

»I enjoy working at JSS because I have had the opportunity to work on exciting and innovative new products with some of the most talented individuals in the automotive industry.«
Jason Peters, JSS

Development of the 3D Switch® technology is a great example of the kind of teamwork, collaboration and persistence that makes JSS successful in our pursuit of a safer world. We congratulate Jason, David, Jason, Erick, Filippo, Nick and all others who helped bring this idea to reality.

3D Switch®


3D Switch®
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3D Switch®

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